Friday, June 10, 2016

Quit eating all the safflower!

That cardinal has been sitting there, like the red bitch that he is, picking out all of the safflower seeds from the feeder and dropping the sunflower seeds on the ground.  On the ground!  For over an hour!  And it rained this morning!

I don't know about you, but I love safflower seeds.  They perfectly blend the crunchy nuttiness of spring with a bold round shape, and look so classy in their white shell.  I dream about safflower.  I close my eyes and my tail flickers with excitement when I think of them.

It took me weeks, but I found this feeder on my own.  Nobody helps me with these kinds of things.  Nobody cares about sparrows anyway...  But hey, I looked up and down the river valley for any house with a feeder that had white seeds in it.  I even accidentally ate some millet in the process.  And then I found this perfect tube, with FRESH seeds!  A blend of black sunflower and white safflower, like dinner's tuxedo.

Sunflower seeds are nice and all, but only when they're new, and crispy dry.  This jack-ass cardinal has been dropping them onto the wet ground all morning.

But safflower.  That's the shit!  And he won't budge!

I've tried squawking at him and flying by angrily. Nothing moves this jerk.  He's going to eat all the damn safflower seeds!

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