Monday, October 31, 2016

New show "NCCNINS" combines gripping NCIS-style detective stories with showy CNN-style news entertainment

[CNN Breaking News]: Last night, CBS aired its pilot for a new concept in network television: a cable newsroom crime drama called NCCNINS. 

The pilot was praised quickly by TV critics as setting a new gold standard for high-sensory, low-substance content.  "I loved being able to enjoy the popular NCIS police and victim format with the showy vapidness of a major cable news network's situation room," explained critic Leon Dusperson.

Aired on both CNN and CBS simultaneously, NCCNINS' pilot episode included gory murders of characters that were obviously based on several well-known CNN personalities, including Coyote Blister, Blake the Rapper, and Anderson Cooper, with a twist at the end when it was revealed that the perpetrator was none other than co-worker Dopey Harlow.

While the reception was generally positive with polled TV viewers, several Twitter responses posted after the pilot's airing suggested that some viewers were hoping for something better, such as "Needs more zombies" and "Obama sucks".

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